Tasty Eats Around KLCC that Won’t Break the Bank!

Within 1km of KLCC hotspot, there are innumerable restaurants and warong that offer an almost crazy number of food varieties. But how do you know which one to go to?

We have found two eateries that appeal to everyone’s taste buds and most importantly affordable considering the high-end surrounding areas.

The first one is particularly our favourite. Located in front of the Star Residences KLCC (book your stay here via our website), Warong Fauziah’s Nasi Campur sells a variety of dishes at an economical price. This little zinc-roofed shack is a hidden gem behind Lembaga Getah Malaysia (opposite the main entrance of the twin towers). The best way to get there is to walk from the back road of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and it will lead you to this rustic place.

This warong gives off a cosy vibe and is usually filled with a gentle hum of chatters from big crowds at lunch time. There are over 30 freshly-cooked and flavourful  lauk (dishes) to be devoured, sort of like a traditional buffet style.

If you want to get a table, be sure to come before 1pm as the warong will fill fast with hungry customers. Otherwise, your chance of tasting the many delicious lauk is slim and will end up feeling unsatisfied.

Location: Warong Fauziah

One of the fascinating things here is you can get any type of gulai (stew dishes that are cooked with mixtures of different spices). Moreover, there is a wide range of detectable lauk options to go with your plate of hot rice. The locals visit this place to eat famous side dishes such as fish stew and assorted vegetables too. All of these are catered in more than 40 stainless steel trays for customers to have their pick.

At Warong Fauziah, you must not forget to try their ikan bakar (charcoal-grilled fish). The smokiness of the fish will make you salivate even before you reach here. Ikan bakar comes in three varieties including ikan kembung (hardtail), ikan keli (catfish) and ikan pari (stingray). The fish is marinated and wrapped in banana leaves before they are cooked to perfection. The crispiness of the fish skin pairs well with some ulam (traditional salad) and omelette to complete the perfect Malaysian lunch menu!

To savour ikan bakar, make sure to pair it with special condiments such as sambal belacan, chilli with soy sauce and lime or cencaluk (fermented shrimp).

Overall, there is nothing not to like about this place. Worth the walk? Checked. Yummy food? Checked. Reasonable price? Double checked. 

Next, we want to introduce another go-to eatery nearby KLCC and Avenue K. 

Location to: Sup Haji Abu & Nasi Kandar Jamal Mohamed (bawah pokok) (KLCC)

Sup Haji Abu & Nasi Kandar Jamal Mohamed is located at Ground Floor, De King Boutique Hotel KLCC, No 160, Jln Ampang, KL.

The soup menu is extensive here. Soups come in a wide array of flavours including sup ayam, sup ayam kampung, sup kambing, sup daging, sup perut, sup burung puyuh, sup lidah kambing, sup lidah lembu, sup ekor, sup tulang, sup tambah, sup urat, sup international, sup campur special and more.

We ordered the famous signature soup here – sup kambing (lamb); a speciality accompanied by Bengali bread which complemented the soup’s savouriness.

If you prefer a more filling alternative, Nasi Kandar Jamal Mohamed is also ready to satisfy your hunger. Originating from Penang, you won’t be disappointed with mixing and matching their famous gravy with your choice of rice. 

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