Travel Tips: How to be Disciplined with Savings

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“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment”, said Historian Hilaire Belloc. When was the last time you fulfil your travel plans and come back feeling inspired and content? Have you been putting off your trip due to a financial constraint?

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As with many of us, savings for travel may not be as consistent as we wish or we simply have other priorities that need to be taken care of. Some people save up to travel annually or even more frequently than that, whilst others travel on a whim or are not fortunate enough to afford one. The good news is, you can choose to go to any place you want based on your desired budget because you don’t need to be rich to do so.

But the real question remains – how are those savings coming along?

Here are some practical tips to help you stay on top of your savings goal:

1) Consistency is ALWAYS the key

No matter how much you decide to save – RM50, RM100, RM150 or more, you should ensure the amount is always the same or more, never less, and create a reminder to put it aside on the same date. For example, if you want to save RM100 every month, generate a calendar alert on the first day of each month so you won’t forget. There are also banking apps like MAE or savings apps like Loot and Money Box that can help you in staying consistent. Thus, when you manage to save RM100 for 12 months, you will have RM1,200 by the end of the year and can spend it on a budget trip.

2) Reduce ALL unnecessary spending

Sometimes all we need is to go back to basics, so we should prioritise our NEEDS and compromise on our WANTS. Not to risk sounding like a cliché, but if our heart truly wants to step outside and see the world, we need to sacrifice some luxury or unessential bits and bobs most of the time. Pause and always question yourself – “Do I really need those new shoes right now, must I buy that Boba Milk Tea or Iced Caramel Macchiato today, do I need to hang out with friends every weekend?”.

It is easier said than done, this one, but if people we know have done it, so can you!

3) Pick your TYPE of travel

Before you set a saving goal for your trip, make sure you choose what type of travel you will embark on.


Rest and chill

Nature explorer

Culture lover

Food hunting

City tourer

Thrill seeker


Backpacking: Typically involves a very low budget and spend as little as they can throughout the trip. This means choosing accommodations like a hostel, budget hotel or sharing with others in a group to split the cost and won’t mind cheap eateries.
Nature explorer: Will include many places in nature throughout their travel and want to capture beautiful scenery through their lenses. The budget for this type of travel depends on the activities you want to do in nature and need to include transportation cost if it involves going to remote areas.
Food hunting: Foodies will have to plan their budget by selecting the restaurants they want to visit and putting aside some extra cash for spontaneous food exploration during the trip.
Thrill seeker: Typically does not go to “mainstream” spots and wants to explore hidden gems and try out new adventures. Planning for the budget should be more detailed to cover the cost of unexpected itineraries.
Rest and chill: This involves easier and more organised budget planning because most of the itinerary can be confirmed earlier. For example, you just need to book an accommodation of your choice for a specific duration of nights and have laid-back activities to unwind.
Culture lover: Travel will heavily involve visiting cultural attractions for various architecture and learning about people and places. The budget for this type of travel is usually not very high as cultural attractions mostly have free entry or very affordable ticket prices.
City tourer: They love to immerse themselves in the buzz of the city and explore everything a city has to offer including food, local hot spots, shopping and entertainment. The budget for this type of travel can be allocated based on the style of living and currency in the city of your choice.
Luxury: Travel for a luxurious experience definitely involves the highest cost. If you want to indulge yourself in glams and glitz, be sure to save up way ahead and save extra!
4) Make EXTRA money before your travel

Nowadays, you can earn extra income through various means such as food or parcel deliverers, personal shoppers, short-term rental hosts, working remotely for international companies and other part-time gigs that you can find on online job sites. For instance, you can browse for part-time jobs based on known competencies or skills such as Catering Helper, Pet Carer, Furniture Assembler, Dispatch and others via the GoGet portal.  

If you have some time to spare, why not try to generate some money that can be added to your travel savings?

Just be careful and do not fall for any online job scams while you’re at it!

5) Look out for travel OFFERS

Be sure to subscribe to the travel portals or apps that you will most likely use such as airlines, travel portals, ticket sites and more to receive the latest updates and promotions. This will greatly help you spend all your hard-earned money wisely and maximise the worth of your budget. Most travel apps have seasonal offers and festive discounts that happen for a limited time, so stay alert and grab any good offer that you can.

We suggest following Facebook groups like Backpackers Buddies Malaysia, Cuti Cuti Low Bajet and groups on other social media for reliable tips and recommendations on hidden gems and attractions that are highly sought-after.

Having planned your budget and saving accordingly, it is also a great reminder for us that not all itineraries can be executed as planned. Sometimes, we just have to let the experience takes us to a new height and follow the flow to make the most out of everything. While it is best to enjoy your travel, you need to be financially prepared for the planned and unplanned.

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