Tasty Eats Around KLCC that Won’t Break the Bank!

Within 1km of KLCC hotspot, there are innumerable restaurants and warong that offer an almost crazy number of food varieties. But how do you know which one to go to?

We have found two eateries that appeal to everyone’s taste buds and most importantly affordable considering the high-end surrounding areas.

The first one is particularly our favourite. Located in front of the Star Residences KLCC (book your stay here via our website), Warong Fauziah’s Nasi Campur sells a variety of dishes at an economical price. This little zinc-roofed shack is a hidden gem behind Lembaga Getah Malaysia (opposite the main entrance of the twin towers). The best way to get there is to walk from the back road of Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and it will lead you to this rustic place.

This warong gives off a cosy vibe and is usually filled with a gentle hum of chatters from big crowds at lunch time. There are over 30 freshly-cooked and flavourful  lauk (dishes) to be devoured, sort of like a traditional buffet style.

If you want to get a table, be sure to come before 1pm as the warong will fill fast with hungry customers. Otherwise, your chance of tasting the many delicious lauk is slim and will end up feeling unsatisfied.

Location: Warong Fauziah

One of the fascinating things here is you can get any type of gulai (stew dishes that are cooked with mixtures of different spices). Moreover, there is a wide range of detectable lauk options to go with your plate of hot rice. The locals visit this place to eat famous side dishes such as fish stew and assorted vegetables too. All of these are catered in more than 40 stainless steel trays for customers to have their pick.

At Warong Fauziah, you must not forget to try their ikan bakar (charcoal-grilled fish). The smokiness of the fish will make you salivate even before you reach here. Ikan bakar comes in three varieties including ikan kembung (hardtail), ikan keli (catfish) and ikan pari (stingray). The fish is marinated and wrapped in banana leaves before they are cooked to perfection. The crispiness of the fish skin pairs well with some ulam (traditional salad) and omelette to complete the perfect Malaysian lunch menu!

To savour ikan bakar, make sure to pair it with special condiments such as sambal belacan, chilli with soy sauce and lime or cencaluk (fermented shrimp).

Overall, there is nothing not to like about this place. Worth the walk? Checked. Yummy food? Checked. Reasonable price? Double checked. 

Next, we want to introduce another go-to eatery nearby KLCC and Avenue K. 

Location to: Sup Haji Abu & Nasi Kandar Jamal Mohamed (bawah pokok) (KLCC)

Sup Haji Abu & Nasi Kandar Jamal Mohamed is located at Ground Floor, De King Boutique Hotel KLCC, No 160, Jln Ampang, KL.

The soup menu is extensive here. Soups come in a wide array of flavours including sup ayam, sup ayam kampung, sup kambing, sup daging, sup perut, sup burung puyuh, sup lidah kambing, sup lidah lembu, sup ekor, sup tulang, sup tambah, sup urat, sup international, sup campur special and more.

We ordered the famous signature soup here – sup kambing (lamb); a speciality accompanied by Bengali bread which complemented the soup’s savouriness.

If you prefer a more filling alternative, Nasi Kandar Jamal Mohamed is also ready to satisfy your hunger. Originating from Penang, you won’t be disappointed with mixing and matching their famous gravy with your choice of rice. 

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Nasi Campur Everyone’s Appetizing Food  

Local Foods around Sunway Putra Mall

Rice is the most important staple food in Malaysia and as Malaysian, we can’t stay away from it and its variety of lauk pauk. It must be common and nothing special or ordinary about it. Somehow the nasi campur is the most satisfying and delicious meal to enjoy especially during lunch time. Generally affordable and yummy.

Many restaurants set up the lauks as a buffet so you can pile whatever dishes you want into your plate. Malaysia has the best nasi campur service out of all the world and you can find it anywhere. 

Malaysian cuisine has evolved into a mash-up of several different cooking styles, primarily Malay, Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Bornean, as a result of its cultural diversity and historical migrations.

Restoran D’Chow Kit

Chow Kit is one of the busier sub-district of the city of KL. The place is most known for the city’s unofficial Red Light District, however there are plenty of delicious authentic Malaysian food here.

Address: 40G, Jalan Chow Kit, Chow Kit, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 8am-11.30pm

Available on

Here the map of the Restoran D’Chow Kit

D’Chow Kit is one of the popular restaurants in the Chow Kit area, where you can easily spot their restaurant on the street. It’s Malay-Indonesian cuisine satisfies locals and many Indonesians who reside in Chow Kit.

Almost every popular dish representing Indonesia and Malay food is here! Definitely mouth-watering and delicious! Air Mata Janda, Crazy Fried Rice, Yee Mee Fried Kekinian Fried Rice Lockdown, and many more are among them!

Anyone who enjoys Indonesian food would be delighted to visit and sample the local specialties, which include sambal cumi, ikan bakar, sayur asam, tempe orek, and a variety of fried fish.

A signature curry here is gulai kawah, which can be mixed with any type of food. They also have grilled fish and chicken too, ikan keli bakar, kembung bakar, tilapia bakar and much more.


For the dessert, they serve aneka bubur as you can see here there are many choices of savory and sweets. 

This chicken porridge can be found throughout the country. Typically, the most popular breakfast menu. Sago porridge is a porridge made from soaked sago that has been boiled. It’s usually accompanied by coconut milk and steamed taro. Candil is the name given to the red porridge. This porridge is suitable for breaking the fast because it is made with cassava and tapioca flour. Java Island is where I’m from. The sweet taste can help you recover your energy after a long day of hard work or fasting.

Mung bean porridge and black glutinous rice porridge are two desserts or porridges that are always served at Malay weddings or on regular days.

Mung bean porridge( bubur kacang hijau)
black glutinous rice porridge (bubur pulut hitam)

Further down from Restroan D’Chow Kit are a variety of stalls. This area is a rojak of many foods. A mixture of Thai, Indonesian and Malay. Don’t forget to sample Siomay and Batagor, a well-known Indonesian snack that is situated to the left of the stand. It was constructed with perfectly fried fish and wantan skin. I personally loved it.

Restoran Nasi Campur FoodCourt 

Address: 40G, Jalan Chow Kit, Chow Kit, 50350 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours: 8am-8.00pm

Here the map of the food court


Who doesn’t enjoy the food in the food court, where there is a wide variety of Asian cuisine? Locals and visitors alike frequent this establishment, which also serves cooked meals. The Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Hawker Centre, Pasar Raja Bot, Bazaar Baru Chow Kit, and Medan Selera Chow Kit are all nearby and offer local delights such as nasi lemak, curry laksa, and wantan mee, as well as Indonesian dishes such as bakso and ayam penyet.

This restaurant serves nasi lemak and other dishes with it for breakfast in the morning. Then, after breakfast, they switch the menu to nasi campur. Thai cuisine is also available here.

The signboard in front the food court. Crowded of people getting their lunch.
Ayam Goreng, Tauhu Goreng, Sambal Ikan, Ayam Sambal & etc
Sambal belacan, sambal kentang, pedal goreng and more

The variety of fried foods you can have here such as ayam goreng berempah, bergedil, tauhu goreng, ikan masin, and many more. 

All these foods are just a 15-minute walk from MyRehat Regalia. Tasty and cheap. What more can you ask for!

Other than that, there is also Sudanese food which is famous among Indonesian and you shall try it soon. It is called Batagor  & Siomay, the stall is just next to the nasi lemak stall. 

Batagor “fried bakso” is a Sundanese dish from Indonesia that is popular throughout Southeast Asia. It consists of fried fish dumplings that are typically served with peanut sauce. It’s traditionally made with minced tenggiri (mackerel), but other seafood like tuna, mackerel, and prawn can also be used.

Batagor fried dumplings on the street are typically served with fried tofu and finger-shaped fried otak-otak fish cakes. These batagor ingredients are cut into bite-sized pieces and served with peanut sauce, Kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), sambal (chilli paste), and lime juice. Batagor is a fried food with a crispy and crunchy texture. Because the serving method is the same, batagor and siomay are frequently sold by the same vendor, with batagor being offered as a crispy variation of siomay.

credit image to: rasabunda
credit image to: rasabunda

This place is always crowded, especially during lunch and at night! So be patient while you wait for your food.

One of the things you should do is explore everything Chow Kit has to offer. Malaysia, as we all know, is a country with a diverse food heritage. Chow Kit is an example of Malaysian multiculturalism.


credit – Nur Atiqah Adon

Pada 2018 DIY travel ke New Zealand. Lama betul baru dapat melancong semula. Alhamdulillah untuk tahun ini 2022 Allah izinkan lagi untuk melancong ke Switzerland pula dengan suami dan anak-anak yang berusia (3, 6 & 9 tahun). Pada mulanya seakan tidak percaya angan-angan telah menjadi kenyataan. Kebetulan pada awal Jun 2022 Singapore Airline (SIA) menawarkan promosi dengan harga RM2.3k per pax, dan tuah kami terjumpa tiket flight dengan harga yang sangat berpatutan Justeru itu, terus grab dan tidak berfikir panjang . (Bermula dari membeli tiket, barulah saya dan suami memulakan rancangan perjalanan idaman ini,

Switzerland, kecantikan Swiss Alps amatlah terkenal dengan pemandangan alam semula jadi yang sangat memukau pandangan mata. Boleh dikatakan tak terkata dengan indahnya ciptaan ilahi. Di setiap sudut kawasan tersebut kami terpersona kerana disajikan dengan kecantikan yang luar biasa, sehingga tidak terakan setiap detik. Maklumlah syurga dunia katanya seperti artikel tersebut Switzerland adalah salah satu tempat yang dicadangkan.

( (bagaimana indahnya syurga di sana nanti. Wallaualam. Allah Maha Mengetahui.

Seterusnya, diteruskan dengan penerbangan kami memilih Singapore Airline iaitu (RM2305 return/pax). Walaubagaimanapun, rezeki juga disebabkan SIA adalah antara syarikat penerbangan terkemuka dunia. Lebih seronok, anak-anak boleh minta bila-bila masa sahaja aiskrim dan makanan ringan sepanjang penerbangan. Perjalanan mengambil masa hampir 13 jam tidak terasa. Juga, disarankan untuk menyatakan permintaan terhadap MUSLIM MEAL semasa menguruskan daftar masuk.

Musim – Kebetulan harga tiket promosi pada masa itu, musim luruh (autumn) season, jadi amat sesuai  untuk bawa anak-anak bersama .Walaupun mereka mempunyai masa siang panjang namun cuaca sangat nyaman dan mulai gelap pada jam 9.28 malam. Kata orang lebih baik untuk elak melancong antara musim, kerana dengan cuaca yang tidak menentu panas terik, berangin dan hujan. Jadi Makan digalakkan memilih musim mengikut keselesaan masing-masing. Tambahan pula, dicadangkan untuk memuat turun aplikasi MeteoSwiss

( untuk memeriksa ramalan cuaca dan cuaca langsung.

Matawang – Switzerland guna matawang Swiss Franc (CHF). Kadar tukarannya tidak jauh beza dengan USD. Mata wang pada masa kini, 1CHF = RM4.75. Untuk memudahkan urusan, kami terlebih dahulu menukar CHF dalam WISE card ( Selain itu, wang tunai ditukar sedikit untuk persediaan.

Penginapan – Beralih bagi perkara ini, terpulang pada pilihan masing-masing. Setiap pelancong mesti mempunyai pilihan dan tema tersendiri bagi hostel, hotel, homestay atau lebih kepada gaya mewah. Kami memilih seakan homestay yang mempunyai tempat tidur yang selesa untuk anak-anak, juga tidak berkongsi bilik air, dapur memasak & pakej pemandangan yang cantik. Daripada apa yang kami baca dalam review & previous rating sangat penting (Booked via Airbnb &

Kenderaan – Semasa kami di NZ pada tahun sebelumya, kami telah menyewa motorhome, dan ingin merasai pengalaman baru untuk kalini kami menaiki public transport. Terlebih dahulu jangan risau tentang public transport adalah superb & efficient. Kami mengambil Swiss Travel Pass (STP)( ) untuk tempoh 8 hari, hanya membeli untuk dewasa sahaja dan percuma untuk kanak-kanak bawah 16 tahun. (Booked via Klook website). Tersangatlah berbaloi dapat menaiki pelbagai jenis pengangkutan seperti bas, keretapi, cruise & cable car sambil menikmati pemandangan sekeliling. Lebih berbaloinya ialah tiket ke Jungfraujoch 25% (139.60CHF/adult) dan Mt.Rigi adalah sepenuhnya percuma dengan STP. Dengan hanya memuat turun SBB apps untuk info lebih lanjut (masa, platform & pilih pengangkutan dari satu tempat ke tempat lain).

Makanan – Yang paling dinantikan bagi setiap kali pelancongan, malangnya Switzerland memang mahal, dinasihatkan untuk berjimat kerana tiada pilihan memang perlu bawa ready-to-eat meal dari Malaysia atau dimasak sendiri dengan membeli barangan dapur di supermarket COOP / MIGROS. Juga, untuk satu kali meal RM300++ dianggarkan portion untuk family kami. Kids boleh dikatakan sentiasa lapar. Jadi kami selalu bersedia pada bila masa pun.

Coop supermarket


Migros supermarket

Photos: RetailDetail EU

Bajet – Ikut kemampuan dan kesesuaian keperluan masing-masing. Yang pasti travel sendiri adalah lebih jimat dan seronok.

Parenting – Kita cuba bagi anak-anak rasa selesa walau penat sekalipun. Paling best kat sini sebab boleh kata setiap tempat ada playground. Jadi anak-anak tak bosan & enjoy sangat bermain, berjalan, breathtaking view. Parentinghood is never easy. Masa inilah suami dan isteri perlu memainkan peranan masing-masing. Isteri memasak, suami pula merancang route untuk next day. Isteri mengemas suami layan anak-anak manakala isteri tidur suami buat reels.

INFO: Bila travel jauh jangan lupa sediakan ubat-ubatan untuk persediaan awal. Lebih-lebih lagi bawa anak-anak kecil. Saya bagi anak-anak multivitamin juga untuk boost immune diorang. Bawa botol air kosong untuk isi water tap / water fountain percuma. Boleh cari ‘Halal Food’ & ‘Islamic Center’ dekat Google Maps untuk cari makanan halal & masjid berdekatan dengan kita. Sebelum naik gunung periksa dulu live webcam & suhu. Takut nanti rugi dah bayar mahal tapi cuaca tak berapa ok atau pakaian kurang sesuai. Asalnya dalam itenary kami tak ada Mt. Rigi, sepatutnya hari tersebut kami pergi Mt. Titlis untuk main snow, tapi last minute kami tukar ke Mt. Rigi sebab dah main snow dekat Jungfraujoch. Amazingly pergi Mt. Rigi dapat rasa pelbagai pengalaman perjalanan. Berbaloi! View pun awesome! Lucerne > Vitznau – Cruise Vitznau > Mt. Rigi – Cogwheel train Return,                                                                                                                     Mt. Rigi > Rigi Kaltbad – Train Rigi Kaltbad > Weggis – Cable Car Weggis > Lucerne – Cruise  

Selain itu, membeli STP memang berbaloi, cuma payah sedikit masa nak heret luggage. Kami jadikan Brienz sebagai base (4 malam), Lucerne (2 malam), Zurich (1 malam). Jadi amat mudah untuk mengubah perancangan jika tengok forecast tak berapa ok untuk berjalan.

Line internet, suami saya membeli simcard Sunrise yang berharga 19.90 CHF = 92.49 (Zurich Airport), saya pula menggunakan E-sim Airalo. Secara kasarnya, ini tidak mengikut bajet yang penting dapat mobile data sebab nak update Instastory / WhatsApp status.

Macam biasa insurans travel jangan lupa k! Kami ambil Etiqa 360 untuk satu keluarga yang dikenakan sebanyak RM470.

Bonus kalau dapat ambil gambar & video yang proper bila bawa anak-anak ni. Tak dapat pun tak apa. Just cherish every moment because soon all moments turn into memories.

Semua yang berlaku adalah kehendak dan takdir Allah tapi selagi kita boleh merancang and try to make the most of our trip if possible.


Tiket PenerbanganRM2305 per pax
Swiss Travel Pass (untuk pengangkutan awam)139.60 CHF = 649.21MYR (untuk 8 hari)
Perbelanjaan satu kali makanRM300+
Simcard Sunrise19.90 CHF = 92.49MYR
Insurans Etiqa 360RM470

Gambar yang diambil semasa di Switzerland:



This is the National Museum of Malaysia. The museum was completed in 1963 on the site of another museum that was destroyed during World War II. All historical items, including written scripts and artefacts, are displayed here. The design of the National Museum building was created by architect, Ho Kok Hoe and it is based on the style of the Malay Kings’ palaces and the local Malay community. It is the first government structure to include traditional Malay architectural elements in its design. Currently going on in October are DIY Penanda Buku, Pameran Undi untuk Negara and Pameran Dunia Naga: Mitos & Lagenda.




Operating hours: Open every day (except the first Monday of every month) from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Closed on the First and Second Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Hari Raya Aidil Adha


The Telekom Museum, also known as Muzium Telekom, Telekomuzium, and Muzium Telekomunikasi Negara, chronicles Malaysian telecommunications history from the 1870s to the present. The Telekom Museum is a stunning old colonial structure that would have been demolished in 1985 but Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia decided to keep it as a historic structure, and it became a museum in 1994. There are two distinct faces to the structure. The facade facing Jalan Gereja has eight classic Greek or Roman style columns, whereas the façade facing Jalan Raja Chulan is almost entirely central European and includes an archway leading into the central courtyard. From the air, the building is said to resemble the letter G, but I’m not sure what that means.




Operating hours: Open every day (except the first Monday of every month) from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Closed on the First and Second Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Hari Raya Aidil Adha


The four floors of the museum are home to the roomy, light-filled galleries. This gallery examines Malaysia’s economic development since Independence and it describes the Pocket Money Book initiative, which aims to teach kids how to budget, manage their daily expenses, and encourage saving (something which is not easy to do these days with savings interest rates being so low and unattractive.) The museum offers visitors access to more than three galleries which hosts specialized exhibitions from time to time. Volunteers are most welcome to be part of this museum.

Fees: FREE


Operating hours: Open every day (except the first Monday of every month) from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Closed on the First and Second Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Hari Raya Aidil Adha


The National Textile Museum presents the history, evolution, and production of primarily Malaysian textiles and its contribution to Malaysian history. Built in 1905, it is located across Merdeka Square. Before it was a museum, the Federated Malay States Railways’ administrative offices were housed in its Mughal-style structure which was designed by AB Hubback.  It only became a museum in October 2007. The museum is divided into Four galleries—Pohon Budi, Pelangi, Teluk Berantai, and Ratna Sari—that display a selection of renowned textiles, clothes and accessories from the various periods in Malaysian history.




Operating hours: Open every day (except the first Monday of every month) from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Closed on the First and Second Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Hari Raya Aidil Adha


The museum’s twelve gallery spaces are spread across two levels. On the first floor, there are galleries dedicated to architecture, the Qur’an and other manuscripts, as well as Indian, Chinese, and Malay Peninsula art. Galleries on level two feature arms and armour, textiles, jewellery, and coins, while the final three galleries focus on metal, wood, and ceramics. The museum is well-known for its collection of vintage Islamic glassware. Anyone planning a visit to this museum should check their website for information on upcoming exhibits, galleries, and international collaborations.




Operating hours: Open every day (except the first Monday of every month) from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Closed on the First and Second Hari Raya Aidil Fitri and Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Foodie Art: The Gen Z & Alpha Lepaking

Cafes are always in trend, despite the mushrooming of food delivery services, people will crave social interactions in a nice setting rather than eat delivery food alone at home! A popular area with a variety of cafes is at Bukit Bintang. New cafes are opened frequently here in Bukit Bintang.

The beautiful old houses on Jalan Sin Chew Kee with their expressionistic walls and decorations are unique. Add to it Fusion Asian Western food, it creates some very appetising menus. Here are two cafes where we decided to relax and eat. Let’s have a seat.

  1. Three Years old Cafe 

A white cafe with an aesthetic vibe will smuggle your dream to fantasy. This Instagram-worthy cafe along with other cafes, is located on Jalan Sin Chew Kee.

The Three Years Old Signature

This four-year-old cafe serves delicious coffee and toast in the morning. They started just several months before Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic they depended on strong social media presence and word of month to sustain themselves. Now that we gather without any restrictions anymore the cafe is busy with people.

The location of this place is little bit (tersembunyi) as the buildings are at the end of the road. Eventually, it is surrounded by trees where you can get free oxygen, maybe while sipping your drinks. The design of the cafe is unique, especially at the front yard, where their seats are attached with the brick fence so it provides more space for very cool lepaking. 

Three Years Old’s Entrance

Due to the pandemic, QR Menus are the in thing now, so ordering food will be a breeze; simply scan the QR Code on the table and begin ordering without having to wait in line at the counter or pay online. While you wait for your order to be done, you can go inside and take a selfie for your Inst-Gram shot! 

The menu offers a good selection of breads, pastas, desserts, and toasts, as well as a variety of coffees and other beverages. If you prefer an easier method of ordering, go to their website. 


We chose two types of pasta which were Smoked Duck Aglio Olio Spaghetti [RM 24.00], Carbonara Spaghetti [RM 25.00] and one beverage, Iced Chocolate [RM 13.00]. The pasta tasted amazing and it was so delicious that I felt like adding another plate. The price is reasonable for the quality and quantity of the food.

Operating hours: 9.30AM – 6.30PM

Address: 1, Jalan Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Google Business:

  1. Breakfast Spot 
Breakfast Spot. Credit images:

A new glass-cafe in Bukit Bintang alley with a variety of western breakfast menu offered. The cafe is located in front of Three Years Old Cafe. The taste and ambience is worth the price!

Breakfast Spot is a pork-free that serves contemporary foods such as pies, pasta, salads and alongside with their signature coffees and other beverages too.

The style of decoration of this new cafe had caught the attention of many people passing through this alley. The combination of green from nature and light mint plus white that creates a calm feeling of peace.

Breakfast Spot

The two-level cafes that surround the front yard offer spacious cement seat layouts with natural sunlight under glasses.

While the cafe is well-known for its breakfast offerings, it is open until 6 p.m., allowing for an early breakfast dinner. It is KL’s newest hip brunch spot, complete with a side mural painting.

The side-mural
The side-mural

The combination of heritage style architecture and modern touches gives the café a vintage appearance and evokes old-school style. As the name implies, there is a seat in every corner of the café. You can either have your brunch outside under the skylight or inside under the cozy lighting.

Credit image:

Breakfast Spot’s Interior

We also ordered some dessert and drinks that were affordable but still looked pricey to us. We ordered Blueberry Pie, Lemon Soda and Ice Mochasize. The pie was smaller than the pies that I have eaten before but it was delicious!

Blueberry Pie, Lemon Soda and Ice Mochasize.

Operating hours: 8.00 AM- 6.00 PM 

Address: 2, Jln Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang, 50150 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Google Business:

Because this place is kind of new, they do not have website pages yet. Maybe later they will make it, hehehehe. So you can get their google business page here and check out others’ reviews and opening times too. 

We loved eating and exploring the cafes here especially when we are not the one paying. LOL! The cafes we ate and chilled at had good vibes and tasty drinks and foods. Definitely these are the cafes we would recommend to our friends. That is the end of my review of the cafes I went to at Jln Sin Chew Kee, Bukit Bintang. Do enjoy reading it. 

Please keep in mind that this is just my personal taste and opinion. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions that have not been influenced in any way. My review is based on my visits at the time. I am not a food critic and do not consider myself to be one; however, this platform allows me to write about and review my own personal dining experiences, whether they are good or bad, delicious or not; all of my opinions are honest and truthful. If you disagree or agree with me at any point, or if you do not have the same experiences that I have, I accept no responsibility because everyone will have their own experiences that they will encounter.

Happy Eating 🙂

Different Type of Accommodations in Malaysia

Author: Farah Rahman

In Malaysia we are blessed to enjoy various kinds of accommodations. We have everything from free all the way to 5-star accommodations. We will explore the various types of accommodation that this country has to offer.


A homestay is a programme in which the host allows visitors to rent a room or house from a local family. The host family is obliged to mingle with them to explain their ways of life, food and even bring them to excursions such as weddings, try a hand at the work they do in order to get a better understanding of the local way of life.  This is the Ministry Tourism definition of what a homestay is about.

A homestay programme gives tourists the opportunity to stay with a chosen family, interact and experience the daily life of their homestay family and learn the culture and lifestyle of the rural community in Malaysia. A homestay programme cannot be classified as a lodging facility. It focuses more on lifestyle and experience, including cultural and economic activities.”

To find more on Homestay programmes in Malaysia please visit


Short term rental accommodation has been around since well I would say thousands of years! Either you may have room, house, condo, land or any space that is livable and you can make income out of it. In the past, it was quite unstructured; it was usually through word of mouth or simple ads online. However that changed with the arrival of Airbnb. This application allows anyone with a space to list their room, house, condo, exclusive villas or even a tree house as an accommodation space. It changed the market completely. During the pandemic, a lot of hotels and resorts closed down but for those operating short term rental accommodations a number of them managed to pull through. In some countries regulations have come in to police this “revamp” form of accommodation. Malaysia will likely see regulations in the future soon.



Camping with added glitz is known as glamping. Essentially, posh camping. While a basic tent and a sleeping bag may be the norm, glamping often incorporates greater comfort and elegance. It is basically a high-end accommodation which supposedly has a connection with your environment. Whether you achieve a connection or not I am not sure 🙂 There’s quite a few places such as Glamping at Wetland Putrajaya and Tiara Escapes in Janda Baik. 

These are the links for these places:



The hotel can also be described as a location that offers lodging and dining options to visitors. The visitor must pay money in order to use these amenities. Hotels are the most common form of accommodations in the world. There are a variety of luxurious 5-Star Hotels all to way a 1-Star Hotel.  A hotel is generally classified by its rating and you generally book according to those ratings. Though during the pandemic, you could pay 3-Star prices for a hotel that was essentially a 5 Star as these hotels were forced to drop their prices. Sadly, those days are gone and hotels are back to the good old days. Till the next pandemic 🙂

Some deals may still be around. Check these sites below.

Here’s the links to Agoda, and Expedia:




 Langkawi Lagoon Beach Resort

Resorts World Genting
credit: and

While a resort and hotel are similar in that they provide lodging but resort just with more facilities and amenities. It can even be a destination like Genting Highlands Resort or Desaru Beach Resort. In short, a resort is a hotel with additional rooms, services, and entertainment options. All activities from food, shopping, recreational activities and entertainment are all confined within the resort compound as those literally next to it.


credit: and Flickr

Domestically it seems Malaysian while on vacation like to stay in relatives or friend’s home! A survey on 2021 showed that 58.6% of Malaysians find accommodation this way. Well, we do like to save on money.

Whichever accommodation you choose to stay, just be safe and enjoy!


Author: Farah Izzati

Semenjak wujudnya Airbnb iaitu sebuah aplikasi yang membolehkan sesiapa pun menceburi bidang perniagaan penginapan sementara. Perniagaan ini telah berkembang dengan pesatnya di Malaysia. Malah mengikut Airbnb, pada tahun 2019 Malaysia, penginapan sementara menggunakan Airbnb adalah yang paling pesat di Asia Tenggara. 

Pasaran Airbnb negara jana RM3 bilion

Walaupun hotel dan penginapan sementara mempunyai banyak ciri yang sama tetapi ada juga perkara dan barangan asas yang berlainan.


Memandangkan Malaysia adalah negara majoriti Islam, sejadah penting untuk disediakan di setiap unit penginapan. Dengan menggunakan The Noor dan Qiblat Compass boleh menentukan arah kiblat. Aplikasi ini boleh dimuat turun di Google App Store atau Apple AppStore. 

Qibla Compass



Netflix merupakan syarikat penstriman video terunggul di dunia. Pelbagai filem, animasi, siri tempatan dan luar negara seperti dari Korea boleh didapati di platform ini. Bagi MyRehat, dengan adanya Netflix yang lebih murah daripada Astro dan Njoi. Kami hanya membayar RM65 untuk sebulan dan memperoleh 5 akaun yang boleh digunakan di 5 unit MyRehat berbanding dengan Astro dan Njoi yang hanya boleh digunakan di satu unit dengan bayaran bulanan antara RM80 ke RM250. 


Sekarang ini boleh dikatakan 30% tetamu MyRehat adalah daripada luar negara. Tetamu mungkin tidak tahu ada perbezaan conduit elektrik. Apabila menyediakan barangan ini kita dapat memberi kemudahan “extra” kepada tetamu kita. Barang ini semua boleh didapati di Shopee, MR. DIY dan kedai elektronik. 

Kepala Suis


MyRehat juga menyediakan peta yang mengandungi tempat penting di sekitar condo kami  bagi memudahkan hala tuju setiap pelancong dan tetamu. Di bawah adalah contoh peta yang kami berikan kepada setiap tetamu yang tinggal di Anggun Residences yang kawasannya berdekatan dengan Kampung Baru.

Peta Panduan


Penyediaan dua barang ini adalah menjadi satu keperluan terutamanya di kalangan penghuni yang berkeluarga dan lebih daripada 3 orang. Kebanyakkan penginapan sementara tidak menyediakan pembersihan seharian. Disebabkan itu tetamu boleh melakukan pembersihan ringan sendiri dan membuang sampah ditempat buangan yang disediakan. MyRehat selalu beli tisu dan plastik sampah di 99 Speedmart disebabkan harganya yang berpatutan.

Plastik Sampah


Kit Pertolongan Cemas dan Alat Pemadam Api ini disediakan di setiap unit homestay kami. Alhamdulillah, setakat ini barangan kecemasan ini masih tidak disentuh. Barangan MyRehat ini semua dibeli daripada Shopee.

Peralatan Kecemasan
Alat Pemadam Api


Seterika adalah barangan harus ada di unit penginapan. Ia juga antara barangan yang kerap rosak. Walaubagaimanapun, ini adalah barangan asas yang khusus bagi kaum Melayu. Barangan ini boleh didapati di Shopee. Jika di Mr DIY kosnya 2 kali ganda!



Alat ini kegemaran semua perempuan tetapi juga selalu hilang di homestay :). Barangan ini boleh didapati di MR. DIY dan juga Shopee.

Pengering Rambut


Kalau dulunya banyak penginapan menyediakan sabun buku, tetapi sekarang kebanyakan menyediakan bahan mandian cecair. MyRehat membeli jenama Summer kerana harganya lebih murah di pasaran yang kami lihat setakat ini. Dengan hanya RM4.40 sekarang tetapi sebelum inflasi harganya RM3.80. Bahan ini kami beli di stor kegemaran MyRehat iaitu 99 Speedmart.

Sabun Badan Summer Goat’s Milk


Homestay kami juga menggalakkan anda untuk menyediakan sabun pencuci tangan agar lebih terjaga dan juga mencegah daripada virus seperti kes Covid-19, Salmonella dan sebagainya. Kos untuk menyediakan sabun tangan ini hanya memerlukan RM2-3 sahaja. Tetamu akan merasa lebih selesa dengan homestay yang menitikberatkan kebersihan. Pencuci tangan ini yang paling murah kami pernah jumpa di Mr DIY. Harganya RM2.50

Sabun Pencuci Tangan D’Light

Maklumat kami kongsi ini amat berguna untuk MyRehat tetapi mungkin untuk perniagaan penginapan versi anda ciri-cirinya mungkin berbeza. Artikel ini adalah sekadar panduan sahaja. Selamat membaca.

Chow Kit a Suburb Every Malaysian Tahu!

Chow Kit is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Kuala Lumpur. Founded by Loke Chow Kit, a well-known miner, municipal councillor, public official, and the first local owner of a department store with the name Chow Kit. 

Chow Kit has since the 50s grown to a bustling commercial centre till today and its demographic too has gone from being mainly Chinese to a strong immigrant community from Indonesia starting from the 80s. That too is changing with the influx of people from South Asia mainly from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepalese all setting up shop and living here too making it thrive even more.

Loke Chow Kit (left) and the Chow Kit & Co. department store in the 1920s (right). Image credit: Malaysian Heritage and History Club / Facebook

Chow Kit is wide and has many interesting attractions and foodie places. It will take you days to see it all but we would like to just take a sample if you only have a few hours to see Chow Kit. The pasar or market in Chow Kit is divided into two sections: wet market and dry market. It is interesting to see the traders and customers haggle over the price which can sound loud and argumentative but people all walk away happy all round.

The wet market, also known as Bazaar Baru Chow Kit, is Kuala Lumpur’s largest Pasar Pagi (Morning Market). The dry and wet markets are located in the same area. Exploring it will take time but if you are a fruitarian we suggest exploring the fruit section here and sample the many fruits here. Haggle away.

Variety of fresh exotic fruits & other local fresh fruits

In addition, the wet market sells a variety of fresh and inexpensive raw foods such as fish, chicken, seafood, and so on. You can go there if you want to see what they sell in the wet market; nevertheless, it is connected to the dry market, which makes walking easier.

After buying fruits we suggest you sample the food along the main pathway of Chow Kit. There are numerous foods to try out. We suggest the following: Restoran Mohd Yasmeen, Kudu Nasi Kandar, Thai Boat Noodle, the most authentic Thai food on this street! Nasi Kapau Indonesians and Negeri Sembilan food at Restoran Salai Salai. They’re all on the same street!

Image credit: Facebook Little Rara Thai Boat Noodle
Image credit:

Little Rara Facebook page: 

Google Business page: Little Rara Chow Kit

Mohd Yaseem Nasi Kandar Pulau Pinang, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur 

Google Business page: Mohd.Yaseem Nasi Kandar Restaurant

Nasi Kapau, Masakan Minang, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur 

Google Business page: Restoran Nasi Kapau (Masakan Minang)

Restoran Nasi Kandar KUDU, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur; Variety type of nasi kandar dishes. 

KUDU Nasi Kandar Facebook Page:  

Google Business page: Restoran Kudu Abdul

Restaurant Salai-Salai, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur 

Salai-Salai Facebook Page:

Google Business page: Restoran Salai-Salai @Chow Kit

These restaurants are located on the same street. Check them out.

Chow Kit has largely retained its reputation as one of Kuala Lumpur’s most authentic districts. Travelling around Chow Kit is great fun for people of all ages. It allows visitors to gain a better understanding of the culture of the residents as well as the history of the town. Chow Kit is a Malaysia, past, present and future. 

Just to let you know, MyRehat Regalia Residences is located near the Chow Kit district, about a 15 minute walk away. Come stay with us and enjoy the sights and sounds of Chow Kit. MyRehat accommodations are on Agoda and Airbnb as well.


As Salam -… – Little Rara Thai Noodle House at Jalan TAR, 2020.

Chow Kit, Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 27 July 2022.

Durians of Malaysia

Durian season is here again! The King of Fruits season comes every year. We Malaysians can’t wait to savour all the different types of durians. Nowadays, you don’t have to travel far to get durians because you can get durians wherever and whenever you want, especially when it’s their season!

The only good thing about this Covid-19 pandemic is that durian is cheap!

Malaysia is the second largest exporter for durians in the world due to its well-cultivated durians.  Durians can be divided into two flavours, sweet and bitter. Since there are many kinds of durians, you probably wonder which is the best durian species.

So here I will list the top 10 most popular durians in Malaysia.

Credits : hasrulhassan

  1. Musang King

Musang King is almost everyone’s favourite due its creamy flesh that melts and the sweetness that blends well with the bitterness of the flesh. The smell also compliments the flavour well. The flesh is bright yellow and it has greyish-green with a hint of yellow to it and the spikes seems to resemble a pyramid. You can easily recognize which one is Musang King based on the appearance.

Credits : kartel dakwah

  1. D24

D24, also known as Durian Sultan is also a popular one. Before Musang King gained fame, D24 used to be people’s favourite during the 1990s due to its bitter taste with a hint of sweetness and alcohol. The high quality ones have a dry and firm flesh. You can identify which is D24 by looking at its short stem and the obvious brown ring at the bottom.

Credits : Facebook Sinnaco Durian Speacialist

  1. Tekka

If we have a king, we also need a queen. Tekka, also known as Musang Queen, is famous for its consistent texture and bitterness. The texture is different from Musang King. Musang King has a butter-like thick flesh while Tekka has a moist and wrinkly – almost pale flesh that is easy to break. Since Tekka is rare to find, whenever you see one, grab it! However, it is not recommended for first timers, like Musang King due to its acquired taste which is not well liked by the average durian eater.

Credits : hasrulhassan

  1. Red Prawn

Can be known as Hong Xia is good for those that have a sweet tooth due to its sweet texture. Its creamy and sweet with a slight bitter taste makes it feel like ‘dessert’ among durians. The texture is creamy but slightly watery. It can be easily obtained in Pahang and Johor. It also has a reddish-orange flesh that stands out among other durians. Due to its sweetness, it is often used to make ice cream and durian porridge.

Credits : hasrulhassan

  1. Black Thorn

Black Thorn is an award-winning durian. It is one of the higher grade durians and extremely rare. Like Musang King, it has a bitter-sweet flavour but with a more balance between the two. Its flesh has a rosy shade of orange, smooth and soft too! It can be pretty pricey due to its rarity. To identify this durian, look for the darker tips of its thorn.

Credits : kartel dakwah

  1. XO

XO has a bitter alcohol aftertaste. It gets its signature bitterness from prolonged fermentation. This process gives it a washed-out look, that will make it look unappealing though the taste will prove you wrong. It has a texture that is soft and slightly watery. You can recognize XO durian by its appearance of a brownish-green shell with an oval appearance, thorns pointed inward at the base of the fruit.

Credits : hasrulhassan

  1. Golden Phoenix

Golden Phoenix has a pungent smell that you can smell from faraway. It has a sharper and bitter taste for those wanting something bitter. It has a thick flesh with small seeds. It is also affordable and easy to get, so because of this, it is a popular choice among casual durian eaters.

Credits : hasrulhassan

  1. D101

D101 has a combination of bitterness, sweetness, with a slightly sour taste. Its flesh is yellow with a subtle orange colour. The flesh is firmer than any other durians. It also falls off the seed easily. D101 is one of the common durians so you can get it whenever the season comes.

Credits : hasrulhassan

  1. D13

D13 has a red-orange flesh that’s sweet with a slight bitterness on it. D13 is also often mistaken as Red Prawns. You can spot the difference between Red Prawns and D13 by identifying the seeds. D13 has a large seed among other durians. It has a sticky and not fibrous texture. You can usually get an affordable price for D13.

Credits : kartel dakwah

  1. D1

D1 has a milky and sweet taste. The flesh is also crunchy on the surface but it slips off the seed easily. It has a small seed that will make it easy for you to eat. It also has a pale yellow flesh. Due to its milky taste, children can find them appealing to eat.

We really are lucky to have durians in our country. Either you love it or hate it, durians are a part of Malaysian culture. There are many more types of durians that you can keep an eye out for but these 10 are the ones that people search for whenever durians season comes.

Make sure you eat durians in moderation, we wouldn’t to make ourselves too full to eat durians later on right? 😀

Happy eating!

My Vaccination Journey, Not Pleasant but Necessary

Written by Nasuha Aiedn

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On the 18th of June, I got my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination at vaccination centres (PPV) at World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur. My appointment was at 5:30p.m. So, I decided to go 30 minutes earlier than my appointment. I went to PPV by Grab because it is way easier than driving by myself. Upon arriving at the PPV, there were many people, but everything went pretty smoothly. The volunteers and police there are kind and helpful and the wait was not long for my turn.

A few hours after I got the vaccine, I got my first side effect, which was fatigue and a slight fever. On the second day, I still felt fatigued and had a fever with a headache. On the third day, the spot on my left arm that was vaccinated turned swollen red. The next day, the fever and fatigue lessened but the swollen spot worsened as it got bigger and itchier.

As the swelling got worse, I decided to go to Klinik Kesihatan (KK) for a check-up. The doctor did a blood test on me to check if there’s an infection but there was none. Then they referred me to a specialist dermatologist in HKL since they were unsure of my condition. So, I went to the dermatologist the next day and got consulted by two doctors. They asked me if I had an allergic reaction for any vaccination done before. They told me that this may be the allergic reaction of the Covid-19 vaccine to me. They also told me that some people also got the same allergic reactions but on other parts of their bodies. 

They said it’s their first time getting a case where the allergic reaction is at the injection spot. They told me that the reaction may last for 2 weeks and advised me to avoid scratching the spot to prevent further swelling. By my second appointment, the swelling was getting better, the doctor confirmed that it was just an allergic reaction to the COVID-19 vaccination, and he gave me a letter to show to the staff at the PPV  to do my second dose on the other arm.

For the second dose, I didn’t get any side effects like the first dose, except for tiredness and a slight headache. So, I just spent the rest of the day resting. On the second day, I felt better. The tiredness and headache from the first day of the second dose is gone. I was happy the second dose did not cause me to have any allergic reaction on the injection spot for the second dose.

This first part of my vaccine journey was not pleasant and some of you may be like me and have side effects however the vaccine is necessary as it may save your life. If you are hesitant consult your doctor or head over to to do your research. Get the vaccine now as its the norm of life in Malaysia and the world.